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Browsing our website you'll get to know our village's many values, tourist attractions, cultural happenings, it's past and present. Of course, only by browsing you can never find out that its citizens are warm and hospitable people. Hence, I invite you to visit us and discover for yourselves!
I greet all those virtual tourists who are thinking of spending quality leisure time in our civil parish. Here you can find information about our cultural, public, sports happenings, lodgment and culinary possibilities, all sorts of activities that can make your stay unforgettable.
Aside our guests I would like to greet all citizens of our civil parish, who can help fill our new website with all those important content that characterizes our community. Every remark or observation to make our official website more appealing and more informative is welcomed.
Karácsony Károly

Ora : 17:26 Data : 20.02.18

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